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Pangea Sales Inc. is a Markham, Ontario import distributor of unique better quality housewares , food preparation products.  The web site, www.pangeadirect.ca  is operated by Pangea Sales inc., Toronto.  established 1996.

This web site allows us to meet the challenges of our vast Canadian geography with an easy to use   category selection of products.  Try our many helpful product knowledge videos which will explain how products are made and ideas of how they are to be used. 

Pangeadirect recognizes the fast changing and fast growing institutional & consumer markets of the country.  It recognizes the international awareness of brands by consumers as they migrate throughout the world.  Pangea refers to the mono-block from which the world’s  7 continents developed.  It recognizes a consumer who is world-aware and a world of sourcing that is needed to meet their needs.

Woll diamond technology & titanium cookware from the world’s most advanced cookware manufacturer located in Germany; the world’s best quality of silicon bake ware from Sasa Demarle of France; design paper bake ware from Italy; the world’s Best whips & mashers from the United States tabletop are examples of the product selection at www.pangeadirect.ca  . 

Experience Pangea direct and see what professionals and serious cooks have known for many years. 








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